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Ground Up Brewing Craft Beer Wanaka

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Ground Up Brewing Wanaka

From Dirt Grows The Flowers

Our belief that authenticity creates a superior beer is heavily rooted in our workplace culture. We have always done things from the Ground Up, and believe that there is no match for the passion and enthusiasm which is spawned when you create something from nothing.

Always move forward, don’t look back. We ask you to take the route less travelled, turn away from the monotony of daily life, open your mind and delve deeper into the world of great beer. We try not to categorize ourselves as ‘craft beer’, we just make beer, and hopefully you enjoy it. We certainly do.


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Monday: 2pm – 8pm(ish)
Tuesday: 2pm – 8pm(ish)
Wednesday: 2pm – 8pm(ish)
Thursday: 2pm – 9pm(ish)
Friday: 2pm – 9pm(ish)
Saturday: 2pm – 9pm(ish)
Sunday: 2pm – 8pm(ish)

Ground Up Brewing Craft Beer Wanaka


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